Viper Burn 90 Capsules by Blue Horizon

Viper Burn 90 Capsules by Blue HorizonThere's many fat burners on the market, but Viper Burn is unique in its approach to the weight loss problem. Rather than simply stimulate your body to burn more calories as do most fat burners do, Viper Burn takes weight loss from a holistic viewpoint, incorporating other important methods of weight loss into its formula.

The problem with simply taking a supplement to burn additional calories is that you are ignoring the essential problem that prevents weight loss: ignoring the intake. If you eat an additional thousand calories over what your body needs, yet your fat burner only burns off half of these, then you are still putting on weight. Viper Burn includes appetite suppressant supplements into its proprietary blend so you will still be burning the extra calories as would a typical fat burner, yet you will not have those pesky food cravings throughout the day. How many times do you reach for a snack to calm a craving? Viper Burn puts you in control of your hunger and lets you decide when to eat.

Many overweight individuals complain that they are stripped of all energy while dieting and find it hard to exercise or remain active. Viper Burn contains a precise amount of Guarana, a herbal element that will provide you with steady, long lasting energy, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of dieting without feeling tired all of the time.

Viper Burn contains the essential ingredients that you need to get back into control of your diet and eating habits and motivate you to make better, healthier choices. No one wants to be overweight, but who has time to give up their lifestyle do to lack of energy and extreme hunger pains throughout the day. Viper Burn is your solution to a problem that you can control.

Suggested Use:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Case: 90


As a dietary supplement, take 1 Capsule 3 times daily.