C2 130 Capsules by USPLabs

C2 130 Capsules by USPLabsC2 helps your body improve athletic performance, cognitive functioning, recovery, sex drive, adapt to stress, and promotes muscle tissue anabolism. Check out more information and gains of USPLabs C2 in our Muscle Enhancement Forum.

C2 is a incredibly uniquely designed blend of compounds designed especially to increase fat burning, improve athletic performance, enhance cognitive functioning, significantly enhance recovery, adapt to stress, improve sex drive, promote anabolism of muscle tissue and helps the body completely adapt to stress. C2 is the only product that actually increases work capacity without the threat of over-training. We are not constantly preaching 4 hour a day on regular workouts. Your workout will have an incredibly intensity as if you had extreme surplus calories. You will not constantly dread tomorrow's workout and the genuine experience becomes incredibly enjoyable and full of incredible results!

Our totally original fat burning/muscle-preserving product specifically called cAMPHIBOLC addresses the numerous issue that many supplements companies failed to actually address. Which is muscle loss while dieting. Common Knowledge that Lean Body Mass (muscle) is our fat burning furnace. In the past dieting was a double edge sword. Which entailed sacrificing hard earned muscle for fat loss, feeling miserable and depressed, and performance suffered. The special dieting concept was a dreaded experience. cAMPHIBOLC has actually proven successful in muscle preservation while completely accelerating fat loss while improving performance in the gym. cAMPHIBOLC exerts an genuine anti-depressant effects so the experience is incredibly enjoyable. How could we actually improve on cAMPHIBOLC? What if you could take a substance that allows the user to actually perform more work (exercise) while speeding the overall recovery process.That would be simply brilliant! A powerful product that preserves muscle while it EFFECTIVELY execrates fat loss and increasing work capacity without the incredible threat of over-training. Those well versed in dieting know that once over-training actually kicks in the body's ability to function halts drastically, and the dieting process comes completely to a crashing end. A miserable feeling of overall mental confusion and the overall depression of seeing your muscle totally waste before your eyes.

USPlab proudly brings you C2, the ONLY actual product that increases fat burning, improves overall athletic performance, significantly enhances cognitive function, completely combats diet related depression and helps the body adapt to stress. C2 is the ONLY product on the market that increases work capacity without the threat of over-training. We are definately not preaching 4 hour a day workouts. Your workout will have an incredible intensity as if you where constantly eating surplus calories. You will not constantly dread tomorrow's workout and the overall experience becomes enjoyable and full of great results!