Thermonex 120 Capsules by BSN

Thermonex 120 Capsules by BSNIf you’re like most people chances are you want to be noticed! If you are a man, you want women to compliment you on your tight abs and muscular body, and if you’re a woman you want men to notice your toned shape and great curves. We all want to be told by others that we look good. There is absolutely no shame in admitting it, it feels great! It’s natural to want to be envied for your body, shape, and definition. Now thanks to a new breakthrough in ephedra free fat loss technology the key to getting lean and toned, and looking and feeling great about your body is no longer just a dream. Thermonex is the new fat burning phenomenon that is making rapid fat loss an immediate reality. Thermonex is designed to help you burn excess fat, tighten up your trouble spots, bring out your shape, eliminate excess water from beneath the skin allowing your definition to come out, stimulate the metabolism, suppress the appetite, curb food cravings, and give you the energy and will power needed to get lean!

Whether you are someone who is trying to lose fat for the very first time, or if you are someone who has been trying for years; Thermonex is so powerful that it is designed to work on anyone at anytime! Simply, Thermonex will get you noticed!

Supplement Facts

Three capsules supply the following ingredients:
Caffeine Anyhydrous - 250mg
Green Tea Extract - 375mg
Octopamine HCL - 200mg
Evodiamine - 40mg
Yerba Mate - 200mg
Synephrine - 20mg
Naringin - 50mg
L-Tyrosine - 300mg
Diiodotyrosine - 100mcg
Iodotyrosone - 100mcg

Other Ingredients:

Magnesium stearate and gelatin


Thermonex can be taken twice or three times per day in dosages of three capsules each. Take shortly before eating or exercising for best results. When you first start using Thermonex, halve the dosage to give your body time to adjust to it.