Leanfire 120 Capsules by Instone

Leanfire 120 Capsules by InstoneLeanfire Keeps your metabolism optimized even when operating on reduced calories, and increases energy levels to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Because INSTONE™ is committed to bringing you the best that nutritional science has to offer, we have compiled research and information indicating that Leanfire is truly best in class.

How Leanfire works

Leanfire works by keeping your metabolism ramped up to burn fat as well as increasing your energy and stamina. Leanfire also works to optimize thyroid and metabolic activity to burn fat, and contains ingredients to maximize endurance, focus, and combat stress.

As such, Leanfire is an optimal product to help you lose weight and gain the energy that you are looking for. It is a perfect addition to your diet/exercise regimen and will definitely jump start your program!

Research has shown that the potent adrenal steroid DHEA has profound physiological impacts including heightened thermogenesis, decreases in body weight gain, and decreased incidence of obesity in animals 1.


7-Keto™, a metabolite or derivative of DHEA - a primary ingredient in Leanfire - has also been shown to have similar significant physical effects.

More specifically, 7-Keto™ has been shown to increase key enzymes related to thermogenesis to an even greater extent than its parent DHEA 2,3. Studies have also shown that 7-Keto™ is related to decreases in body weight and significant reductions in body fat 4.

7-Keto™ is included as a key ingredient in Leanfire . As such, Leanfire , is a superior way to ramp up the body’s metabolism and activate key fat-burning enzymes! Whether you goal to accelerate fat loss or prevent “diet-induced” metabolic decline, Leanfire is an effective way to get the results you desire.

EVOLEAN™, E and Z GUGGULSTERONES, Guggulsterones, key ingredients in Leanfire , support the conversion of peripheral, inactive thyroid hormone (T4) into active thyroid hormone (T3). T3 is the chemical messenger that governs metabolic rate, or how much energy the cells of our bodies use day to day.

By increasing T3 overall, the effect is an increased metabolic need for energy. This metabolic support increases the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

Specifically, Leanfire contains 95% pure E and Z guggulsterones. These are strains of the herbal derivative that have been shown to have this metabolic effect. As such, Leanfire is a superior way to optimize thyroid activity to promote significant fat loss.


Evodiamine is an alkaloid found in the herb Wu-Chu-Yu. It demonstrates thermoregulatory, analgesic, and cardiovascular effects, and is included in Leanfire as a primary ingredient. It has been related to the promotion of weight loss, fat breakdown, increased blood flow, and the promotion of oxygen use.

Included in Leanfire , Evodiamine is an exciting new compound that accelerates fat-loss by increasing your body’s core temperature !


Rhodiola rosea, a key ingredient in Leanfire is a plant or herb also known as “golden root” or “rose root.” This potent plant has been incorporated as part of traditional and folk medicinal practices for many years.

Typically, Rhodiola was used to combat stress to the body system. It was used as a method to increase endurance, combat fatigue, treat depression, and promote longevity5. It has been shown to stimulate the recovery process after intense exercise and increase energy recovery as well6. Rhodiola rosea has also been found to have a large neural effect - resulting in decreased “sluggishness” and increased mental energy, attention, and feelings of well being7.

As such, it is included in Leanfire because of these potent effects. This ingredient makes Leanfire an optimal method to increase one’s energy and stamina, as well as combat oxidative stress during intense exercise!

Green Tea aids in fat loss

Green tea components are included in INSTONE™’s Leanfire, making it a phenomenal fat-loss aid! Anti-obesity effects of components of green tea were investigated by researchers in Japan recently8.

This study focused on examining several primary components in green tea. Researchers were interested in how these components aided in green tea’s presumed fat-loss properties. Diets containing powder made from green tea and corresponding singular components of green tea – catechins, caffeine, and theanine – were fed to laboratory mice. Each mouse received a diet containing 2% green tea powder or respective components of green tea based on this 2% powder level for 16 weeks.

At the end of the 16 week trial, body weight, adipose tissue, serum lipid levels, as well as liver lipid levels were measured. Results indicated that body weight and fat tissue were lowered in mice that were fed green tea powder, as well as caffeine and theanine separately. When caffeine was examined in conjunction with catechins from green tea, theanine, and both catechins and theanine, similar significant fat and weight loss was evident. Specifically, those mice fed caffeine and green tea catechins combined experienced over 76% decreased weight relative to a control group. Serum concentrations and non-esterified fatty acids were also found to be lowered with diets including green tea, catechins, and theanine powder.

As such, it is suggested that green tea and components in green tea have significant anti-obesity effects – specifically body weight loss and fat accumulation decreases. In addition, green tea catechins and caffeine were found to have synergistic effects that aid in these same anti-obesity effects.

As can be seen, Green tea components included in INSTONE™’s Leanfire, make it a phenomenal fat-loss aid!