Lean System 7 90 Capsules by Isatori

Lean System 7 90 Capsules by IsatoriLean System 7 contains an extremely precise combination of "metabolic-activation" compounds which, when taken in conjunction with a sensible nutrition, diet and exercise regimen, is designed to help users:



  • Burn body fat...fast
  • Enhance fat metabolism
  • Accelerate calorie burning
  • Inhibit fat storage or build up
  • Activate a healthy metabolic rate
  • And reduce water retention

So, if you're serious about trying to getting in great shape and want to help losing bodyfat, once and for all-quickly and safely... then make Lean System 7 a "must-have" on your supplement list!

Lean System 7 is said to be the new discovery. It is neither a training device nor the prescription drug or not even the new weight loss plan either. It will be explained hereunder but before that take the note of the real problem for shedding the extra body fat by the only way available in the markets. Weight loss is not that hard a problem.

The dream target of the strong physique man is always the shaped body muscle whereas the woman wants to have the toned, firm butt is rather important. Most of the men carry extra body fat around their abdominal area – a.k.a. the spare tire, where as the excess fat in woman’s case accumulates in the hips or the buttock areas. Both these areas are always noticed first whenever we think about the fit and strong physique.

Sometimes the most unfortunate factors which are beyond one’s control like ageing or genetically developed structures disallow the strong and fit body.

The science dictates that after the age of 25 the losing of excess fat which accumulates around the abdomen or the hip areas becomes troublesome in most of the cases as the metabolism starts rapidly declining dropping the energy level minimizing the body’s efficiency of burning fats.

Pseudo-Solutions and Their Ugly Side Effects

In order to reducing metabolism for losing excess weight to shape up the body many people have been noticed having resorted to various synthetic and herbal compounded supplements. But according to the opinions by a few in medical fields, such people have had the wrong approach of weight loss plan. Many people are reported having resorted to the rough compounds like amphetamine class of drugs better known as the ephedrine.

Quite a few OTC formulated preparations nowadays are made with the ephedrine, which has earned the tremendous reputation as the basic ingredient for weight loss supplements. Ephedrine persuades thermo genesis – the body break down, yet its effect on the metabolism – body’s primary fat burning mechanism is always short termed or temporary.

A Natural, Better Way to Boost Your Body's Ability to Burn Fat

Luckily, quite a few leading scientists from the world over have joined together for discovering the safe and natural substitute ingredients for the ephedrine. However, during past several years some break through have taken place in fat burning and weight loss technologies. Recently the science has discovered the remarkable way to safe and natural activation of metabolism without using the harmful substance like the ephedrine, the revolutionary break through. The advance triple action metabolic activation is system of nutrients that work synergistically to safely burn the body fat during the day, which has been found only in the exceptionally engineered formula, called Lean System 7. You would have heard of it earlier also. The people who have tried it simply claim that it is unbelievable unless you try it cannot feel the difference anyway.

The Nuts and Bolts and Here's how it Works.

Lean System 7 is unlike any other in the race. Though the drug was never based on the ephedrine yet may be called the ephedrine free. Many producers had developed weight loss products using ephedrine are now switching over to ephedrine free new products since the ephedrine is reported to be causing serious health problems. But most surprisingly they claim the same marketing as before. However, the time will prove the effectiveness of all such products.

On the other hand Lean System 7 is considered the only formula medically designed to help you stay fit and strong without ephedrine. The marvelous combination of patented nutrients is present in Lean System 7 only which has been designed to break through the fat cells in three different revolutionary methods for enhancing the metabolism to activate fat burning by the body through out the day.

To define the nutrient values and the functions of each of the ingredients in Lean System 7 read below:

• Lean System 7 contains the few natural herbs called Verba and Guarana which supports the weight loss on long term of as much as 12 months more. Lean System 7 works scientifically to boost thermogenesis or body’s ability to release fatty acids and use them as the energy as based and researched by the medical study teams. One more supplement known as Damiana was also tested and reported its no significant role in the test so bye-passed. The recent comparison tests revealed that the people with Lean System 7 dose treatments reported 11 times better weight loss than the people who did not use Lean System 7. This has been quoted by the research scientists hence could be easily believed by every body.
• Lean System 7 has the adequate amount of Citrus Aurantium, which is the natural herbal stimulant to promoting the thermogenic regulation, and also enhances the calorie burning process for mobilizing the fat burning process. The patented formulations of Coleus Forskohlii, ForsLEAN is the combination of quality, purity and have been tested to aid fat metabolism, break down of more fat cells especially from the remotest areas of the body organs.
• Lean System 7 has come up with the most radical new micronutrient called 7-Keto the patented compound which activates the thermogenic enzymes, boosts metabolism rate, burns out extra calories faster and continuous through out the day even while resting as well as slow down storing of fats in the body.

As per the available statistics over 10 years of research consisting of 21 medical trials and the expense in total of $8 million has been spent or invested to develop this marvelous compound and has been accepted by many of the leaders in health industry as the best substitute of Ephedrine for fighting the fatty war. 7-Keto works completely in a different manner than the ephedrine did. 7-Keto does not stimulate the central nervous system, but instead it enhances the T3 hormonal levels of course within the safer region only, as revealed by the recent study teams. It has been found that the Hormone T3 is directly reflecting on the metabolism system in the body. 7-Keto users have reported to lose body weight 3 times more than the people who did not use 7-Keto supplements as reported by the current Therapeutic Research indications.

The recent most medical study reveals that Lean System 7’s one of the key compounds literally helps its users lose three times more body fats than the placebo groups or those who did not use such supplements. Yet other study refers that the users of this supplements lost body fat 200% faster than those who were just on dieting and exercising plans.

To stop the body from retaining the unwanted and excess amount of water between the skin and the muscle tissues, finally the Dandelion, the mild herbal diuretic has been designed and developed recently. Bioperine is the other interesting compound that has been included for supporting the absorption and breakdown of each of the nutrients in Lean System 7 that enhances its full use to achieve full effectiveness.

All the above seven most effective fat fighting nutrients work in the specific combinations as the most advanced triple action metabolic activation system as the world’s first and only modern weight loss supplement. Lean System 7 is the completely new type of supplement especially designed for hammering attacks on the fat cells to activate fat loss forever. It activates the metabolism naturally by which the body regulates its internal nervous system safely and effectively making the body a 24 hours fat burning machine, isn’t it cool?

Results You Can Measure and Others Can See!

Last but not the least let me suggest that if you wish to try Lean System 7 please do so right away and just get rolling. This is said because ever since the formulations were launched in the markets and news of its arrival flashed, the shopkeepers all over the country have been selling out the Lean System 7 and experienced unprecedented selling spree. The tremendous demand of the drug by the users left the shelves of the shops without stocks and even the producers could not meet the demand supply gaps. As a result the shopkeeper started maintaining waiting list of the likely users. Also the manufacturing shortage of Lean System 7 took place for one of its main ingredient supplier called 7-Keto, which just could not cater fully as per the demand. It is noted that the cost of production for this patented compound was high yet their demand for 7-Keto exceeded the supply. However the gap has been bridged now but its continuity is uncertain anyway. Hence it is suggested that if at all you are planning to use the Lean System 7’s advanced triple action metabolic activating system with 7-Keto go for it right now.

Lean System 7 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:

Yerba Mate: 500mg
-(llex paraguariensis) (leaves)
Guarana estract (Pallinia cupana) (seeds): 700mg
-[Standardized for 22% alkaloids as caffeine (154mg)]
Citrus aurantium fruit extract: 300mg
-[Standardized for 6% synephrine (18mg)]
ForsLean Coleus forskohlii extract (root): 150mg
-[Standardized for 20% forskolin (30mg)]
7-Keto: 50mg
Dandelion leaf and root powder: 250mg
-(Taraxacum officinale)
Bioperine: 5mg
-(Piper nigurm) (fruit) [98% piperine (4.9mg)]

Other Ingredients:

Gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide.

Lean System 7 Directions

For optimal results, take 3 capsules, twice per day, 30 minutes prior to meals and/or exercise. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day