Ergolean AMP 90 Capsules by Ergopharm

Ergolean AMP 90 Capsules by ErgopharmIntroducing ErgoLean AMP developed by ErgoPharm. This monstrous weight loss breakthrough represents a culmination of years of scientific research, trial and error. Since the majority of all ephedra-free products have all fallen way short of providing the buzz that drove the true frenzy of the ephedra-based fat burners, Patrick Arnold and ErgoPharm research have set out to deliver where all others have failed.


Geranamine is a naturally occurring herbal compound with adrenaline-like properties that has extremely potent and noticeable energy producing effects. It also has a very low toxicity in your body(as determined by LD-50). Compared to ephedra its subjective effects are more central than peripheral, leading to a much improved and tolerable energy producing experience.

Chocamine, an extremely powerful stimulant possessing hunger-reducing properties, earns inclusion in ErgoLean AMP. Destined to be the one true ephedra replacement, Chocamine contains several natural botanical ingredients to both control hunger pains and stimulate the central nervous system.

Caffeine is well established as a fat-burning ingredient. Its presence in AMP, coupled with Geranamine and Chocamine, makes this new weapon, Ergolean AMP the most powerful and effective fat burner/energy enhancer on the world wide market today.

No more worthless, puny ephedra-free products to continue to serve rations of continual disappointment. ErgoLean AMP is a creature in itself created to intimidate stubborn body fat.