ephBURN 25 Fat Burner 90 Caps with ephedra 25 mg

ephBURN 25

ephBURN 25

90 caps

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The original Ripped Fuel was one of the best selling diet pills ever made. After regulation, the market shifted and waited for a product to take its place. ephBURN 25, is the first contender for the crown since natural ephedra was re-introduced to the market.

One of the strongest ephedra supplements ever formulated, ephBURN 25 is incredibly similar to the legendary Ripped Fuel supplements.

Packing 25mg of ephedra, 200mg of caffeine, and 10mg of White Willow Bark, ephBURN 25 is the epitome of ECA stacks. There are plenty of other weight loss pills out there, but ephBURN 25 puts them all to shame with its brutally potent and amazingly simple formula.

When used as directed and as part of a workout and diet plan, ephBURN25 will increase your metabolism, raise your mental acuity, help you power through your workouts, burn calories, reduce your cravings, and help you recover faster than you ever though possible.

All natural ephedra will raise your thermogenic resting levels, enabling you to burn weight even while you sleep!

EphBurn 25 has been awarded one of the few U.S. patents for weight loss products. It is medically and scientifically proven to give you results faster and better than any other ephedra product on the market. They wouldn’t have gotten a patent if this weren’t true!

Experience the new king of ephedra weight-loss supplements and buy ephBURN 25 today!

ephBURN 25 Ephedra Directions To Use

Take 1 capsule twice per day. Suggested to take the product for 2 days then 1 day off. Then start cycle over.


ephBURN 25 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Serving Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving % Dalty Value
Ma Huang extract 8% (supplying 25mg Ephedrine) 312.5 mg *
White Willow Bark (Aspirin) 10 mg *
Garcenia Gamboria 120 mg *
Guarana 100 mg *
Magnesium 10 mg *
Chromium 10 mcg *
Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate