Black Widow 25 Fat Burner 100 Caps

Black Widow 25

Black Widow 25

100 caps

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The black widow became famous for being a killer. Such a small spider packs enough venom to kill a fully grown adult! Tiny packages packing a powerful punch are what Black Widow 25 with Ephedra is all about.

Not dangerous, but highly effective, Black Widow 25 will put the venom in your workout routine. This powerful ECA stack combines 25mg of ephedra with the pain-relieving properties of White Willow Bark.

Each pill synergizes with your body to boost your thermogenic output and increase your metabolism, helping to burn fat, crack calories, and build muscle in ways that you never thought possible.

Black widow kills fat, plain and simple. It strikes at sluggishness and wraps up atrophy in its web. Unwanted pounds literally shed away! Being overweight can be as dangerous as getting stuck in a closet of poisonous spiders, let Black Widow 25 untangle your weight loss problems and free you from your routine!

Black Widow 25 by Cloma Pharma is so powerful that it’s not recommended exceeding the daily serving of one capsule. Like anything powerful, it’s best in moderation. But don’t let that discourage you, anything this potent can be dangerous, try Black Widow today!

Black Widow 25 Directions

Take one capsule daily after meals. Do not exceed more than 3 a day. You must stay hydrated as with all thermogenics, for both effectiveness as well as safety.




Black Widow 25 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Serving Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving % Dalty Value
Black Widow 25 Proprietary Blend:
Yohimbe 6%,
Citrus Aurantium (30% Synephrine),
Caffeine Anhydrous,
White Willow Bark,
Guarana 22% Caffeine,
Ginger Root,
Cayenne 40 hu,
Panax Ginseng 4%,
Green Tea (95%polyphenols 40% EGCG),
Garcinia Cambogia,
Kola Nut 10% Caffeine,
alicylic Acid USP,
627.2 mg *
Vitamin B12 (1%) 6 mcg *
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) 2 mcg *
Chromium Picolinatee 30 mcg *